end of the semester goals
Tuesday December 14th 2010, 12:21 am
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my goals for the end of the semester is to finish my project and spread the word on domestic violence. I also wish to finish all my papers and just ended the semester on a good note 🙂

Monday December 13th 2010, 10:24 am
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does america run on dunkin or dunkin run on america??

Wednesday November 03rd 2010, 10:53 am
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Since the last time that I upsated my Blog in regard to my project I wasnt ver sure what way i was going with my project. I now have been able start takign steps foward with my project. I began my interviews, I met with a police officer who was able to give me information in regard to what domestic violence is. Many believe that domestic violence is just being hurt by someone but I learned that domestic voilence can also be a threat or being yelled at. I learned so far about the process that one goes through as a victim ofd domestic violence or if you are the cause of domestic violence what will happen. I also learned more about the shelters that are bthere to help victims. What I resalized is that many victims who dont know that they are victims are teenagers. Teens dont realize they are victims, if they do they are to scared to come forth becasue thety are not informed enough as to where to go or what will happen. My next step in this project is that i am going to go to my old high school and meet with a group of students who are in a “leadership class”, I will encourage them to pass on the information that I am providing and i will help any students who want more information or need help coming forth as a victim of domestic violence

Wednesday November 03rd 2010, 10:35 am
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election time is coming up who shall we choose for govoner who will represent us. Here comes Mr. Promises, nice smile, nice hair. fancy suite, shiney shoes. Wow he looks so innicent he promises that all thats bad he will change. Not to believe his opponent that he has never done any harm to anyone and he states that he will create more jobs and that he will do everything in his power to do what is best for the community . I look at him and see that his nice smile turns to rotten teeth with a horrid stench, his nice hair now looks like he is balding,his fancy suite now seems to be help together by random strands of thread, and now his shiney shoes are dull and squeeky. What spilling out of mr.promises mouth are promises that are just lies. I see him for who he really is, mankes promises to get elected but then he just wants whats best for him not whats best for me. What we never saw was Mr.Promises first name FAKE!

who am I?
Wednesday November 03rd 2010, 10:15 am
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what is a woman
a woman is feminine
what is feminine
its the strenth that a woman holds within
its the power given to her to help guide others
as a woman i have the strength
to help you when you fall
help you when your in fear
as a woman im seen as weak
as frail
as timid
what i am is
out spoken
women are a boiling pot of emotions feelings and beings

Saturday October 02nd 2010, 11:14 am
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Natalie Vargas

     Screaming, Yelling, Punching and hitting are things that happen in households in our community everyday. How far must this get before anyone realizes how wrong this actually is. Many young kids woman and men all go though domestic violence. Its on a rise in recent years. The thing that is horrible is that sometimes we don’t know what is considered domestic violence and sometimes brush things off and say it’ll be ok. That’s not the truth by pushing things aside and saying things will get better is a lie and it’s only going to get worse. What many are concerned about is where to go if there’s domestic violence in the household, where to go, or what to do? Many don’t know what exactly is considered “domestic violence”.
     My proposal for this project will be a fight. I want to fight against domestic violence and make a point to my peers both male and female. I want to make my peers aware of where to go for help, what actions to take, what exactly is domestic violence. A way that I will be bringing this to attention to my peers is though a discussion I will also be giving true stories that have been provided to me by a police officer who has worked in the domestic violence unit for years.
     First I will have a meeting with the officer and have some questions prepared for him to answer, so that way I can see what their policies are, I will also find other domestic violence shelters and speak with them on their process of how they accept people, who they accept and how they stay afloat. After conducting several interviews my plan is to set up a detailed power point and have a meeting with my class mates and whomever else would want to join.
     Some organizations that I am planning on contacting would be “Safe Horizons Domestic help center”, NYC domestic help. Any other organizations or people that can provide me with information ill be very grateful for help.

Saturday October 02nd 2010, 10:54 am
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Natalie Vargas


     Resistance literature is a battle in a war of beliefs, the literature and writing is the gun. Writing is their weapon of choice. The reason for resistance literature is to fight the beliefs that dominate society. Resistance literature is up front and points out what it wants others to see is not right. A battle against society, to get out of the norms or just to push out their beliefs. The use of resistance literature is to give a voice to the ghost like people , ghost like because in society they are unseen, unheard and unrecognized. With this writing it gives them a tool to resist and to not feel alone to feel that they can join the battle.

     Resistance literature can be seen through out the times. I feel a form of resistance literature would be “Persepolis” written by Marjane Satrapi, This novel/comic was written in some what of an autobiography format. She tells her life story and how she and her family must resist against the religion and government in the country that they live in. As a child in the book it is seen how she is punished for not following the law or religion. She’s from Iran so basically government and religion go hand in hand. When she published this book it was her form of showing resistance against her government. While widely criticized she still pushed her book out and let all know how she felt about the government. It was such a form of resistance that the book to this day is not allowed in Iran.

     The resistance literature at times maybe fiction but that’s only done so that they can push out the truth and even a little more. It becomes somewhat of a drama because little things are intensified and seem bigger than what they really are this is used because the author likes to make the point clear and big.

Wednesday September 15th 2010, 12:21 pm
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Fierce, heart, strong, body
Anger, rage, hunger
Zebra, run, far, for ,life
Lion, chase, after, for, food
Death, blood, satisfaction
Licks, paws, clean
Pain, strikes, labor ,begins
Hours, pass,
Light, of, day ,becomes,
Light, of ,night
Moon, light
Day, approaches
Cubs, come, alive
Another, life
Licks, cubs, clean,
Love, care, and, fear,
Stay, alive, cubs
Grow, strong, and, hunt

Fantasy crashed…
Wednesday September 15th 2010, 12:05 pm
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Her life seemed pretty surreal at this point, everything a woman can dream of and every woman’s nightmare was what she was going through and she didn’t know how to deal with life.
she sat in her dressing room preparing for yet another show, just a year ago she had participated in “American Voice” and actually won. Fame hit her hard. As she looked in the mirror in the pressing room she saw her caramel complexion her beautiful makeup and all the luxuries that surrounded her but was she truly happy?
A few months ago…
Marble floors and crystal chandeliers; it was early morning and she had to go get ready for a day of relaxation. It all began with a relaxing bath, when her phone rang, it was on the edge of the tub and fell in. Missed call and broken phone. The relaxing bath was now over, running to the room the marble floors felt like a winter day, she quickly drew the curtains made of the finest materials her interior designer could find, boy she loved the way they felt so smooth and the sent of lavender over came her, just enough light entered in to the amazing room. She quickly put on a suede sweat suit she had in her top drawer, while getting dressed she yelled threw the intercom for her assistant to tell the driver to pull up. the make up artist was ready to apply her make up yelled “Fantasy ill be in the bathroom waiting!” Everyone called her by her stage name so often she was beginning to forget her real name, this upset her but knew she just had to let it go and get to the store to get a new phone, she called back “no, no makeup today!”
Ready she jumped in the limos and had her assistant phone the AT&T store in advance to avoid any commotion. She walked in and was greeted by all of the employees, all but one. He was of a sweet caramel complexion and threw his collared orange work shirt she could see every ripple over every muscle, she quickly approached him and could smell the sent of the cocoa butter lotion used. He let off a sweet smile showing his beautiful pearl white teeth. Her heart fluttered! He was the man of her dreams! He was what she wanted not only a regular man but didn’t seem interested for money. She finished her day with a date with the AT&T employee and a brand new phone.
Months past and she was truly in love every time he phoned her she got butterflies in her tummy and her heart jumped! They went on luxury trips, and as she preformed she sang with more soul and love than ever and it was all for him. She even went as far as to getting a tattoo with his last name “CHEF”.
When her dream became a nightmare! Her cell phone ring tone of her latest song “When you look out in the distance You see it never was that far,Ohhh No, Heaven knows your existance,And leads you to be” repeated over and over, but why so many calls?? Mr. Chef was a married man! shocked with the news she now had butterflies and couldn’t feel a thing her ears popped and her face was numb she could taste the salty tears running down her cheeks her mascara was running and she didn’t care, she just repeated he said they were separated! her hands felt wet and would shake like a cell phone on vibrate. she couldn’t handle it!
With all this drama in her life she would stare at herself in the mirror and didn’t know if her life was worth living later on that night she had decided this would be her last show and she would put herself to sleep forever. Chef was a married man and could not be the man of her dreams. He even had a daughter! She put on her final coat of precious pink lipstick, hummed a tune and ran into a pool of fans yelling her name FANTASY! FANTASY! and poured her soul on stage….

Elo There
Monday August 30th 2010, 1:01 pm
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Well this is my first post… My name is Natalie and I love flowers 😉